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Gas Profiling

Key to our services is the Oxy Propane Maxi 5500G multi head profile machine capable of cutting up to 3.5 metres wide by 13 metres long and up to 220mm thick in carbon steel grades.

Steel Grades

S355JR / S355J2+N / S355K2+N / S355NL all available ex stock up to 200mm thick. (All material fully certified).

We also supply material through thickness testing to BS EN 10164 Z25 – Z35

Gas Processing

Additional to CNC cutting of individual components we are able to offer the following:

  1. Multi-Head Plate stripping providing optimum material utilisation and straightness over the length.
  2. Create cad files for CNC processing from your drawings supplied

Profiling Experience.

Aurora-Profiles have extensive experience in the profiling industry meaning we almost certainly can find a way to process even the most challenging components including materials up to and including 220mm thick.

Examples of our Oxy Propane processing.